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Round Table Loyalty Points


  1. How are loyalty Points calculated? 
    • Loyalty Points are earned and redeemed on the subtotal of all purchases made in the tasting room, online and wine club shipments. (taxes and shipping are not included.)
  2. How many Loyalty Points are earned in a purchase? 
    • You will receive 1 point for every dollar purchased, based on the subtotal of the purchase – excluding taxes and shipping.
  3. How can I redeem my Loyalty Points?
    •  Loyalty Points can be redeemed on any purchase in the Tasting Room and Online, including Wine, Accessories and Events.
  4. What are my Loyalty Points worth? 
    • Loyalty Points are redeemed at a rate of 10 points = $1.00
  5. Can I use my Loyalty Points as payment for my regular Wine Club Shipments? 
    • At this time, Loyalty Points cannot be used as payment for Wine Club Shipments.
  6. I used my points as payment – why did I not earn points on this purchase?
    •  Loyalty Points are not earned on purchases or portions of a purchase that Loyalty points are used as the payment.
  7. My Club Membership is on hold – can I still earn Loyalty Points? 
    • Loyalty points can only be earned when your membership is active and up to date.
  8. What happens to my points if I cancel my membership? 
    • While you will no longer be able to earn points. Any points that have been accumulated will be available to use for purchases. Loyalty points do not have an expiry date.
  9. How do I know how many points I have? 
    • When you log into your account you will now see a section in your dashboard that will have your points balance and dollar value of your points, as well as a history of points earned and redeemed.
  10. How do I redeem my points online? 
    • You will have to be logged into your account – once you have made your selection (wine, accessories, event tickets) there will be a section at checkout that tells you how many points you currently have and how many points you can use for your purchase. Just enter the amount of points you wish to use, and it will apply them to your purchase.