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King's Ransom and Limited Wines

The Story Behind The King's Ransom Collection


When Jim & Leslie purchased their land in 2001, and even before they set their sights on Noble Ridge, they knew that their goal was to produce premium quality, estate grown wines no matter what the vintage had in store. If that meant that they had to drop fruit and slice their yield in half to maintain that quality, then that is exactly what they would do.

2006 was in interesting year in itself, to say the very least. Somewhere in between their new property purchase, a well gone dry, wine shop construction, blood, sweat, some tears and all the rest of it, their winemaker at the time, Philip Soo, approached them with some much needed good news.

"You have something very special happening here in the vineyard, something that will set a whole new standard for premium wines, you need to do something different." And so, in 2006 the King's Ransom collection was born with their first vintage of 100 cases of King's Ransom Meritage produced.

The idea behind the King's Ransom collection and what makes it truly special is that it is only created on the most stellar of growing seasons and the case production is very low, often released to Wine Club Members only. Tasting trials happen throughout the aging process. Jim & Leslie, their Winemaker, key Management and Cellar teams taste through the barrels and ruthlessly decide on which tier the wine will fall into. A unanimous vote is required for the vintage to be successfully King's Ransom material.

2006, 2009 and 2013 were years in which a King's Ransom Meritage resulted. In 2012, a truly remarkable year in the valley, the first ever King's Ransom Pinot Noir joined the family and in 2013 a King's Ransom Chardonnay followed suit. Of course there would have been a King's Ransom Meritage in 2012 had it not been for the pesky "unanimous vote" rule. Out of five people around the table, there were four yes's and one no...The no had it and much of the wine was used for the Reserve Tier. It has to be mentioned that the 2012 vintage of Meritage Reserve went on to score 99 points, Double Gold and Best of Class at the New World International Wine Competition in California, along with a few other impressive accolades. We won't mention who the "NO" was!

They always say that wherever there is a dark cloud, a silver lining glows. As an estate grown winery, there are only so many grapes to go around. With no King's Ransom Meritage for the 2012 vintage, there was an excess of Cabernet Sauvignon that was nothing short of heavenly. In 2012 the first vintage of Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon joined the fleet and took everyone by storm. Another vintage of Cab Sauv came to in 2014, followed by a very special surprise in 2015--the first ever King's Ransom Cabernet Sauvignon. This vintage is set to release early 2018 and already has true Noble fans waitlisted for the release. 

One thing you can be very sure of, if you are sipping a King's Ransom wine, you are savouring the absolute best wine that is produced from this little slice of heaven in Okanagan Falls, British Columbia. Enjoy!

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Chardonnay Du Monde - Burgundy, France - 2022

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93 Points!

"Exceptional clarity of fruit, focused acidity, and notable tannins for a Pinot Noir but everything is well balanced."

Katherine McEachnie - IWSC Judge (International Wine and Spirits Competition, London, UK) 

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Any wine from Noble Ridge called King’s Ransom is assured to be best of the best. This is a powerful, concentrated wine with aromas of cassis, dark fruits, chocolate and vanilla. There are layers of flavour, mingling black cherry, cassis, chocolate and spice. The finish is persistent.

John Schreiner

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This impressive large format 1.5L bottle makes a bold statement. This wine is also available in 3L and 6L bottle.

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This impressive large format 3L bottle makes a bold statement. This wine is also available in 6L and 1.5L bottle.

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This impressive large format 6L bottle makes a bold statement. This wine is also available in 3L and 1.5L bottle.

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