‘Be Noble’

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”  – Mahatma Gandhi

This wonderful quote from Mahatma Gandhi has been used so frequently and indiscriminately that for most of us it has lost its simple, elegant power. In our modern world we have never been more connected and yet so isolated at the same time. Technology has brought the ends of the earth and beyond to our smartphones at the swipe of a screen but at the same time has removed us from the actual humanity that is in front of us.

Our strategic planning session in 2018 gave our team the opportunity to consider what was important for Noble Ridge’s overall objectives and mission statement. After this review we realized, while financial success is obvious, we also see that “being noble” continues to be a very strong motivator and the overall key to our culture.

We want to spearhead the behavior we hope to see reflected in our communities, so we have instituted our “Noble Causes” whereby Noble Ridge staff select a few charities to support annually.

A portion of our tasting fees are given to these charities, along with proceeds from additional fundraising activities.

We truly value those who exhibit noble qualities and act on them. There are people who have become our advocates, displaying the exact qualities of nobility that we are aspiring to achieve for ourselves.  We have developed a new program that recognizes and celebrates those individuals. Thus, we created a new tier of wines: “Round Table – Noble Knights and Dames”. The first of these new wines are:

Powers 2017 Chardonnay – Sir Richard Powers
Richard is constantly buying and promoting NR wine to his friends, business associates and family. He has assisted in expanding our Wine Club in Ontario. As Associate Professor at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Business, he has been awarded numerous teaching awards for excellence, in addition to his considerable volunteer contributions, e.g., with the Canadian Commonwealth Games, Rugby Canada and the Canadian Olympic Committee.

This barrel fermented chardonnay displays strong varietal characteristic of apple and citrus flavours that are accompanied by deep and complex aromas of butterscotch and caramel. The acidity balances a strong palate weight and carries the wine on its way to a complex and lingering finish.

Stone 2017 Cabernet – Sir James and Dame Pamela Stone
Both Jim and Pam are practicing physicians and have made significant professional and volunteer contributions in each of their fields, cardiology and pediatrics respectively. They have contributed their time and support out on site at NR on many occasions. In addition, they have held events and promoted NR wines, personally purchasing NR wines to send to their friends and colleagues.

This Cabernet blend displays textbook savory notes of roasted peppers, tobacco leaf, black current and ripe plums. The rich and full body delivers ripe flavors of blueberry and black cherry are highlighted with hints of black pepper with a touch of spice and oak. Firm tannins lend to a long, lingering finish!

November 25, 2019 | Preston Radford