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Jim and Leslie D’Andrea began their winery in 2001. When they purchased the property it had only 3.5 acre of vines. Since then they have planted an additional 18 acres and have grown their dream into an award winning winery. Tending to vineyards and making the wines is all done by hand on site by a team of dedicated workers who strive every day to create exceptional wine that reflects its noble namesake. Guests are always welcome to enjoy the breathtaking views with a picnic overlooking Vaseux Lake or to spend time exploring the vineyard with a tour.

Jim has recently retired from his 34 year law career to life in the vineyard! Between tending the vines, sharing his passion for Okanagan lifestyle with friends, family and guests and the "odd" game of golf, Jim keeps himself very busy and is thoroughly enjoying retired life!

Stay tuned for vineyard updates and tasting notes as we sample upcoming vintages from the barrel! 

Jim D'Andrea
February 17, 2017 | Jim D'Andrea

Musings of a Retired Guy

My two new bosses, Leslie and Megan are great!  They are very concerned about my well being.  After having recently retired from a 34 year legal career, I thought I was very busy walking the vineyard with Sassicaia every morning,  doing some pruning and odd jobs in the vineyard, waiting for golf season to start, watching golf on TV, keeping up with the latest Trump escapades, shovelling snow,  organizing my wine cellar, fixing things around the house and checking up on Benoit!s hard work (ie. barrel tasting).  I thought I was happy and self fulfilled. Apparently not.  I am always the last to know!  I must have looked like I wanted/needed something else to do and my new bosses picked up on it in a nano second.  Who knew a list could be produced that fast.

Unfortunately for many, one of the items on the list  (No. 223) was to write a blog.  Why, I am not sure as I am one of the least savvy social media types in the universe.  I have three friends on Facebook and they are all related to me. One of my children dropped me for lack of anything interesting to say.  I am not sure why others may find my daily adventures interesting but the bosses know best. (Remember the part where I did not know I needed more to do)  So, at the risk of breaching whatever social etiquette  governs blogging, here goes.

This week we are at The Vancouver International Wine Festival which is featuring Canada as host country.  There are over 70 Canadian wineries at the event and Noble Ridge is proud to be one of them.  It is a great opportunity to taste Canadian wines and compare them to the rest of the world.  While I haven't tasted all 70 wineries (there is still tomorrow),  I can tell you that Canadian wines are turning heads on the international stage and deservedly so.  In celebration of Canada's 150th birthday, try a Canadian wine you haven't tried before whether it be a sparkling from Nova Scotia, a Chardonnay from Niagarra, a bold red from BC or of course any wine from Noble Ridge!  You won't be disappointed.

I am off shortly to pour at this evening's consumer tasting so as far as the week's events thus far, imagine pictures of smiling people tasting wines (wine does make people smile except for critics who are very serious), pictures of a steak dinner for me and fancy salads for the bosses, industry conferences, media events, more pouring and tasting wine and a cleansing ale at the end of the day.  Repeat.  Extremely busy but all in all not a bad way to come out of retirement!  Cheers!

Time Posted: Feb 17, 2017 at 2:07 PM
Jim D'Andrea
December 3, 2016 | Jim D'Andrea

Harvest is in!

Life in the Vines (1)

What a year it has been! After a very beautiful, hot, sunny April, the vineyard took off. We were weeks ahead of normal and at one point we were worried we would be harvesting in July!  Fortunately, July was slightly cooler than normal and a milder September allowed the phenolic flavours to develop and catch up to the sugar levels.  The fruit clusters were absolutely beautiful and the best that we have seen.  The end result is another beautiful year. 

We started harvesting our Sparkling grapes on August 29 and just finished picking our Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon on October 30!  Crop loads far exceeded predictions and Benoit, KC and Scott have been renting, borrowing and buying more tanks (when they can find them) to accommodate the increased wine!  Thankfully we had purchased a brand new 6000 litre tank in April from Italy or we would be in big trouble.

Early reports are that the wine is exceptional and we are expecting another great vintage.


Over the last couple of months, I have been randomly tasting the 2006, 2009 and 2013 King’s Ransom Meritage (it’s a tough job I know).  I plan to send out tasting notes periodically for all of our King’s Ransom wines (including the 2012 Pinot Noir and 2013 Chardonnay) to let you know how the wines are developing and whether they will develop further with time.  If you have any King’s Ransom wines in your portfolio, please let us know so that we can put you on the list to receive the tasting notes.

The good news is that all of the vintages are aging beautifully and still have more time to develop.   


We will be releasing our 2014 Cabernet Savignon in 2017. Only 200 cases were made. Benoit and I think that the 2014 is better than the 2012 which received a score of 94 points from John Schreiner. For those of you who missed out  on the 2012, place your order on the wait list now by emailing  Wine Club members always have access to pre-release wines. Joining the club is the best way to secure access to these limited quantity, highly sought after vintages. Depending on demand, there may be limits placed on the number of bottles that can be purchased.  Delivery will be made in 2017. After releasing to our Wine Club, the wine will be made available to the general public.  

Time Posted: Dec 3, 2016 at 1:54 PM
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