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Noble Causes

At Noble Ridge giving is as much a part of the business as tending the vines. It’s inherent to the Noble culture to make a difference and to contribute the community as the young company grows.


Our Vision, Mission and Culture set the tone and groundwork for working towards being noble in everything we do at Noble Ridge, whether it is our daily responsibilities or our Noble Causes.


Creating premium quality wines that share and enhance life experiences.


Produce the highest quality grapes and wines.

Hire and grow excellent staff

to ensure an exemplary customer experience at Noble Ridge.


Be Noble

Nobility is a quality that you are not born with. Noble traits are built and earned.

Nobility is looked up to because it is a choice to be so.







We choose these noble qualities and strive to apply them daily


During our strategic planning session this past December, the Noble Ridge Management Team reviewed and gave a great deal of consideration to what was important for Noble Ridge’s overall objectives and mission statement. While financial success was obvious, we also saw that “being noble” continued to be a very strong motivator and key to our overall culture and strategy. 

As the discussion continued, we realized that we truly valued those who not only espoused being noble but also acted on it.  As a result, we instituted our NOBLE CAUSES whereby Noble Ridge staff will pick a few charities to support annually. A portion of our tasting fees are given to these charities, along with the proceeds from other fundraising activities.  We also encouraged participation of our team in charitable and public service activities.

The 4 NOBLE CAUSES chosen for 2019 are:

Vaseaux Lake Stewardship Association (VLSA)

VSLA’s mandate is to promote sound stewardship practices through Educational Programs, Promoting community participation, Liaising with other organizations, various government agencies, and companies, Disseminating information on stewardship initiatives, Monitoring and assessing environmental sensitive activities that negatively affect the lake by causing siltation, milfoil growth and pollution, Helping to protect water quality, biodiversity, habitat, ecosystems, and watershed-based landscapes and Preserving Vaseux Lake for the enjoyment of everyone.


Southern Okanagan Women In Need Society (SOWINS)

SOWINS’ programs and services provide shelter, safety and support by helping individuals recognize, understand and overcome the impacts of abuse. 


West Coast Kids Cancer Foundation

West Coast Kids Cancer Foundation is a registered Canadian charity dedicated to creating joy and community for children and families facing childhood cancer and blood disorders.


South Skaha Housing Society

The South Skaha Housing Society is an incorporated non-profit organization based in Okanagan Falls, BC. It’s primary mission is to support and facilitate the establishment of affordable housing in the South Skaha region of the Okanagan in order to meet the present and future housing challenges faced by our constituency. 


We also realized that there are people who have become our advocates, displaying the exact qualities of nobility that we were aspiring to achieve for ourselves.  The Senior Management Team decided that we should develop a program that recognizes and celebrates those individuals who have exhibited the noble qualities and characteristics that we value.

Thus was the initiation of 
The Round Table of Noble Ridge