We believe that sustainable living applies to every aspect of our day – in the Vineyard, in the Winery, in the Tasting Room and in our daily lives.



Imbedded in the Noble Ridge Mission Statement is the phrase – “Responsible Stewardship of our Planet”.

Our Mission Statement drives and directs all the activities, including sustainability activities.

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Jim and Leslie D’Andrea

Benoit Gauthier



Our Winemaker Benoit Gauthier is leading the Sustainability initiatives at Noble Ridge. He is working with the Sustainable Winegrowing BC certification program and TOTA’s Biosphere program, in conjunction with several sustainable initiatives already in place at Noble Ridge.

Noble Ridge breaks down its Sustainability Program into the several components. Each is an important part of the overall program.




Noble Ridge is pleased to have achieved their certifications and commitments with both of the following organizations.

Sustainable Winegrowing British Columbia Certification Logo


Here at Noble Ridge, we have adopted the following definition from the Sustainability Winegrowing BC program.

“Sustainability happens when the use of resources, the direction of investments, the aims of technological advances, and the drivers of institutional change are all in
harmony and enhance both current and future potential to meet human needs and expectations.”

We received our official certification for our vineyard on August 10, 2021. We are very pleased to have our efforts acknowledged; Noble Ridge has been recognized as one of the “early adopters”. However, we also know that this is just the beginning. Inherent in this certification is a continual improvement process, with ongoing recertification.

For more information about the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals click here.

Biosphere Commitment Program Logo


The Biosphere Commitment Program is a collaborative industry initiative that supports tourism businesses to adopt sustainable practices, as an extension of The Thompson Okanagan region’s Biosphere destination certification.

“Created by TOTA, in partnership with the Responsible Tourism Initiative, the program aligns with the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals and empowers tourism stakeholders to take action within the environmental, social and economic dimensions of sustainability.”

In July of 2021, Noble Ridge officially became a TOTA “Biosphere Committed Company”.



Simply put, our next steps are to continue what we have started.

It is important that we do not let up now but ensure the existing and new initiatives are supported and successful. Adjustments will no doubt be required as we try out new ideas.

We also have committed to continual improvement, both at the strategic level for Noble Ridge and at the SWBC level. We are aiming to get our Certification for the Winery and work on the next level of standards required for the Vineyard Certification.

We are watching and researching what other businesses from a wide variety of industries are doing with respect to sustainability. We plan to incorporate those elements that are helpful and relevant.

Be Noble… In Wine and Life