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Westcoast Kids Cancer Foundation Fundraising Concert

Westcoast Kids Cancer Foundation Fundraising Concert
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Together with Noble Ridge Winery and BC talent, WiL, West Coast Kids Cancer Foundation invites the South Okanagan community and friends to make an enormous impact on the lives of children diagnosed with cancer in BC. Your donation through a variety of options will help us build a permanent facility that will house camps of all sorts, send a child to City Camp if they are not well enough to travel, and support the families in ways that will be shared with you at the event.

Join us for an open air concert and a gourmet, backyard-style barbecue. Bring your blankets or lawn chairs and enjoy the view and the music.

Tickets are only $65+taxes.

Please print off your ticket to present at the event for entry and shuttle ride.

Parking with shuttle service will be at IGA in Okanagan Falls.  

Funds raised from the show will be donated to the West Coast Kids Cancer Foundation.



Check out wiL here