Sparkling Anyone?

June 2024

At Noble Ridge Vineyard & Winery we have focused our sparkling winemaking efforts on producing wonderful examples of Okanagan sparkling wines. We  follow three fundamental philosophies:

  1. Make the best that a vintage can produce
  2. Always employ extended aging ‘en tirage’ on wines produced in the Traditional Method (i.e. in the Champagne style)
  3. And work tirelessly to spread the word that any time is the right time for some bubbly!

Sparkling wine isn’t just for celebrations; its effervescence and versatility elevate any moment. Whether brunch, dinner, or just a sunny afternoon, its crisp flavor and lively bubbles enhance everyday experiences, making even the simplest moments feel special.

Cheers to the joy of sparkling wine beyond special occasions!

Enjoy a flat $15 ground shipping fee on any minimum 6 bottle order that contains at least one bottle Noble Ridge sparkling wine.

*Offer valid  on orders placed online until midnight Sunday June 30, 2024. 
$15 ground shipping not available in outlying areas. The winery will contact you before shipping if this is the case.

Curious about the world of sparkling wine? Join us for Winemaker Fridays & Somm Sunday this June! Taste our exquisite sparkling wines and enjoy informative conversations with our winemaker or in-house sommelier. Make sure to reserve your spot for this sparkling experience!

  • Winemaker Fridays – June 21, 28 starting at 3:00 pm
  • Somm Sunday – June 23 one session on 1:00 pm

Have you ever wanted to saber a bottle of sparkling wine? Watch as members of our winery team take on the challenge in our

Inaugural Noble Ridge Sabering Contest 2024.

Who can sabre their crown cap the furthest? Enjoy the qualifying round and championships on our facebook page to see who the final winner is!

Cheers to the joy of sparkling wine beyond special occasions!