Winemaker Fridays

April 1, 2024

We have an exciting announcement! Join Us for Winemaker’s Fridays!

We are thrilled to invite you to an exclusive and immersive experience – Friday Wine Flights with the Winemaker! If you’re a wine enthusiast eager to delve into the world of winemaking while savoring exquisite wines, this event is tailor-made for you.

Embark on a journey through the vineyards and into the cellar as our esteemed winemaker guides you through a curated selection of exceptional wines. From rich and robust reds to crisp and refreshing whites, each wine tells an unique story of craftsmanship and terroir.

Here’s what you can expect:

Meet the Winemaker: Get up close and personal with the mastermind behind the wines as our winemaker shares their insights, expertise, and passion for winemaking.

Guided Tasting: Immerse yourself in a guided tasting experience, where you’ll learn how to discern aromas, appreciate flavors, and understand the nuances of each wine.

Discover New Favorites: Expand your palate and discover new favorites as you sample a diverse selection of wines handpicked by our winemaker. Whether you’re a seasoned wine aficionado or a curious beginner, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Insider Secrets: Gain exclusive access to insider secrets and behind-the-scenes anecdotes about the winemaking process. From grape to glass, learn about the art and science behind crafting exceptional wines.

Interactive Q&A: Have burning questions about wine, winemaking techniques, or the stories behind our wines? Our winemaker is here to answer all your questions and share their wealth of knowledge.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to experience the magic of winemaking firsthand, guided by our passionate winemaker. Limited seats are available, so be sure to reserve your spot today!